Things to Consider When You’re Looking to Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is an exciting and daunting task because of all the work that goes into it. But if you can get past the craziness, you will have the sweet satisfaction of a fresh, new space to cook and bake all your favorite things. Here are some things to consider before starting a kitchen remodeling project:

Do your research – It’s important to go into a kitchen remodeling project with an idea of what you want your new kitchen to be like. There are several examples of kitchens online and in magazines to help you figure out your ideal kitchen design and layout.

Plan your budget – Whether you are doing a kitchen remodeling project all on your own or hiring a designer to help, it’s important to have a budget. This will keep you from spending too much money on an appliance and not being able to afford the floor or a backsplash for your sink.

The importance of the appliances you choose – It’s a good idea to think about longevity when you are looking to replace your kitchen appliances. It can be easy to fall into the trap of finding the cheapest options, which are still good but just know you may have to replace them in a few years. Spending a little more on quality appliances will save you money in the long run.

Material of counters – There are many options for kitchen counters when you are ready to replace your existing ones. A few popular ones are quartz, granite, wood, and marble, but there are other options as well. You should pick one cheaper option and one more expensive option for your new kitchen counter.

Kitchen layouts – Kitchen remodeling projects are a great opportunity to change the layout of your kitchen. Some people love a U-shaped kitchen, while others prefer an L-shaped kitchen to open the space.



Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

You may be wondering why you should consider custom kitchen cabinets for your home. You may not think that they can have a large impact on your life, but they can make a huge difference. There are many different reasons why you may decide to go with custom kitchen cabinetry. You may want to improve the look of your kitchen or maybe you are hoping for improved functionality in your kitchen. Here are some of the benefits that are associated with custom kitchen cabinets.

Design Options

When you decide that you want custom kitchen cabinets, it opens a whole world of design options. You can create and choose kitchen cabinets that fit your design style. You can be sure that every small detail will fit with your overall design. You can pick out custom components like joints, corner braces, and drawer slides. Do you have a unique taste when it comes to your kitchen? Consider adding custom kitchen cabinets so your kitchen truly is what you want it to be.


Custom kitchen cabinets are made to last. Regular stock cabinets may break and fall apart after a few years. However, if you decide to go with custom cabinets instead, you can be sure that they will last much longer. You can pick out very durable parts when you are building your cabinets. Also, with custom options, you can choose a wood that not only fits your style but will last many years to come.

Improved Functionality

Do you ever run out of cabinet space? If you said yes, you may benefit from the improved storage space that new custom kitchen cabinets can bring. You can pick out what you want. This means that you can be sure you will have enough storage area.

If you are ready to take advantage of the benefits that custom kitchen cabinets have to offer, give the pros at Mevers Custom Kitchens a call. We know, firsthand, the benefits that custom kitchen cabinetry can provide to a home. We are proud to provide custom kitchen cabinets to homeowners and residents in the Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Daniel Island, SC areas. Contact our team today so we can get started!

Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2020

Following trends can often feel like a fleeting pursuit. However, when it comes to kitchens, they often outlast their time in the spotlight. If you’re interested in creating your own custom kitchen cabinets but need some inspiration, consider the following popular trends for 2020!

Navy Coloring – Colored cabinets have had a rise in popularity over the last several years, specifically the color navy. It blends beautifully with marble and brass and can be the perfect pop against white appliances or walls!

Double Islands – When most people think ‘kitchen island,’ they think about it in the singular tense but double islands are always an option! Improve the function of your kitchen and still maintain traffic flow by planning a double island in your space. Using one island for prepping and one island for serving and gathering can help make life just a little easier.

Warm Finishes – Grey and white kitchens will continue to be popular, but warm finishes are back on the rise! Old-school wood cabinetry, when done well, can bring a modern and fresh feel to your space. Paired with a soft and natural countertop, the combination is timeless!

Open Shelving – Open shelving is an extremely popular design element in today’s kitchens and can complement any design style. Prefer a sleek design? Display your dinner and glassware on the shelves for a simple look and easy function. Lean towards a busier design style? Open shelves can house antiques or whatever you like, adding warmth and interest to your kitchen.

No matter what your inspiration or personal design style, the professionals with Mevers Custom Kitchens LLC can help you design and create the perfect custom kitchen cabinets! With years of experience, our consultation and installation services are unmatched by others in the area. For more information or to begin planning your custom cabinets, contact us today!

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